A Private University With A Rich History

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Seton Hall University: A Leading Catholic Institution

A Private University with a Rich History

Seton Hall University, established in 1856, is a renowned private Catholic university located in New Jersey. It offers a comprehensive range of over 90 majors and programs for undergraduate students.

Nationally Ranked Excellence

Seton Hall has consistently earned high rankings for its quality of education. It boasts a nationally recognized program and is committed to providing students with a transformative learning experience.

Continuous Growth and Expansion

Throughout its history, Seton Hall has undergone significant growth and expansion. The construction of four new residence halls between 1986-88 and the acquisition of off-campus apartment buildings have enhanced the campus infrastructure and student housing options.

A Welcoming and Inspiring Campus

Nestled on a picturesque campus, Seton Hall invites students to explore its vibrant academic, cultural, and social environment. Founded by James Roosevelt Bayley, the first bishop of Newark, the university remains deeply rooted in its Catholic traditions while embracing a diverse and inclusive community.